Hey, I’m Pip

Welcome to Little Pips

Growing up in the 1970’s in Paremata, Wellington, we drank Mum’s homemade lemon syrup with soda water in summer. It was tart and refreshing and full of zest. Lip-smackingly good stuff. Maybe that’s where my love for the humble lemon came from:  little golden balls of sunshine packed with goodness. I can’t drive past a stall selling lemons on the side of the road without buying some!

When my son was young I made Mum’s lemon syrup recipe. When lemons were plentiful on our trees, I’d make several batches of syrup to give away to friends. They seemed to enjoy them too. 

We’re so lucky in NZ to have the most incredible fruit available all year round. Yes lemon, we know you’re fabulous, but what about plums, strawberries, rhubarb and more….? Adapting Mum’s recipe and trialing endless samples on family and friends, a new range of fruit syrups was born. And that’s how Little Pips came about!

Our growers

We’re committed to using fresh fruit grown in NZ. Our growers are the unsung heroes of what we do, turning their produce into exceptional fruit syrups for you to enjoy.

We really do make hand-crafted syrups, and every bottle is hand poured. It’s the little things that matter.

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